Add a Positive Observation

A positive observation is a comment that is positive or neutral about an item.  For example, "Operates as designed" or "Manufacture Data Plate".  Observations are useful to ensure a picture is on the report even if it doesn't have a concern.

When adding a concern they appear in the list of Concerns and Observations intermixed and both can have photos or videos attached.  In the report, they appear as the last comment for an item.  The difference between a concern and observation is as follows:

Observation Concern
Has 2 fields, description and URL Link Has 3 main fields, description, impact and suggested action.  Also has URL link and additional Information
Will never appear on the summary page Can appear on the summary page, based on settings
Does not have a significance Has a concern significance
Has no impact on Item Status Will impact Item Status, based on settings

To add a new positive observation, you follow the same process as adding a new concern.  Notice in each of the scenarios, step 8 is where you distinguish the newly created comment to be a concern or an observation.  

See also Including property and room photos onto the report for another use of positive observations

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