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Uploading all images is convenient if you took all the photos on an external camera.  It is a feature only available on the Web App.

There are three alternatives to uploading all images:

1) take your photos on the mobile device and they don't need to be arranged after the inspection

2) upload the photos on the item where they belong.  For example, upload the Air Conditioner photos directly on the Air Conditioner

3) upload all images and assign them to a room, item and concern

The following sections describe how to upload all images and how to upload images directly to the item where they belong on the WebApp.  For more information on how to add photos on the mobile device see Add a Concern 

To Upload All Images on the Web: 

  1. In the upper right-hand side to the right of the property address you will see three vertical dots. Click that and choose upload all images.                           
  2. Select Add Photos and Videos and choose the pictures or videos you want to upload 
  3. Select the upload button            
  4. On the first photo  or any photo you want to process, select the Room and Item for that photo  
  5. Select a Concern from the list and select the + button to add it. 
  6. If you desire, type in a concern location
  7. Complete as many as you would like on that page
  8. Select Assign Photos and all the photos will be in the appropriate section with the concern identified.

Note:  Do not go to the next page until you hit assign photos or you will lose all your work

Note:  The first time you upload photos you will not see the paging controls as all the photos are displayed.  This is only displayed if you do not complete the process and come back to the upload all photos process later.

View the Video 

To Upload the images directly to an item:

  1. Select the room
  2. Select the system that contains that item
  3. Select the item
  4. Select the photo gallery icon to the right of the item name 


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