Handle the inspection of Commercial Properties: Office Space and Other


In order to do this, create the property with a base set of rooms, add any unique rooms and rename the rooms to reflect the space you are inspecting. If you find any items in a room that aren't found, just add them as you encounter them.  

  1. Create the inspection by selecting New Inspection Screen_Shot_2017-10-25_at_7.02.26_PM.png 
  2. When the form is New Inspection form is presented, choose from the set of rooms that apply to this property.
  3. Save the inspection by selecting "Create New Inspection"
  4. Add any additional rooms for each unit by selecting "Add Room". Make sure to choose "Kitchen" if you are creating a kitchen.   See Add a Room
  5. Rename each room to reflect the room name (e.g. Office)
  6. During the inspection, add any items not found in a room by selecting "Add Item"


For information on adding multi-unit properties see Commercial Properties:  Multi-Unit

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