Changing concern significance values


The Concern Significance represents the importance of the problem.  Note:  There is another field that is optional for repair costs.  Importance is more akin to how bad the problem is vs. how much it costs to repair.  

The problem significance drives a lot of behavior in HomeHubZone including:

  1. Where the concern shows on the summary page
  2. Whether the concern shows on the summary page
  3. What the item status will calculate to be.  see Information about Item Status.

There are many changes you can make to the Concern Significance. You make these changes by going to settings on either the Android, iOS App or the Web App and selecting Concern Significance.

  • Label: This value will show in the detail section of the report above the concern description.  You can change the label, for example from Major Concern to Needs Repair.  This label will also show in the summary report for summary report format 2
  • Color: What color is used for the shading and the concern description in the detail section of the report
  • Item Status: What the item status will be if this is the most significant concern on an item
  • Report Summary Group: Where the concern should display on the summary page
  • Enabled: Enable or Disable the concern significance.  By deselecting this checkbox the concern will not be available to choose on any concern.  You will have to map the existing concerns that use that significance to a different concern significance.

Note:  You can not disable nor change the meaning of the concerns for "Not Working", "Old", and "Positive Observation"

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