Posting inspection report

Posting the inspection report indicates that the inspector is finished with the report and that they want to send it to the home buyer.  It takes a snapshot of the inspection findings and the settings and freezes them so that the report will always be the same.  If you need to change something in the report, you will need to re-post the inspection which will take a new snapshot of the results, but not the settings.

From the web application:

  • Choose the Up Arrow to the right of the inspection on the dashboard.

  • Confirm that the inspection should be posted.

From the Android or iOS device:

  • You need to be connected to the internet in order to do this
  • Choose Post Inspection from the main inspection screen (the one with the orange Update Inspection button)
    • You will be presented with a screen to enter the buyer details if they are not yet entered
    • The inspection is moved out of scheduled and open inspections
    • An email gets sent to anyone who was marked to get an email

If you post your inspections from ISN, the inspection will be marked as complete and a link to the report will be posted in ISN.  See more here

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    Pete Joyal

    What Is ISN

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    Customer Support

    Pete, ISN is Inspection Support Network. Some of our customers use ISN for scheduling and we integrate with them.

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