Add an Item

All items show in a room that are typically found in that room.  Any item can be added to a room by selecting "Add an Item".  

On the Web:

  1. Go to the list of rooms for a property
  2. Select the three vertical dots on the bar below that is to the right of the room
  3. Choose Add Item
  4. Type the first letter of the item or scroll through the list
  5. Select the OK button


On the Device:

  1. Go to the room where you want to add the item.  Select the "+" on the iOS device or "Add Item" on the Android                                                                      
  2. Start typing one word included in the name of the item and select the item
  • If you don't find the item, consider other names (for example spa tub vs. whirlpool tub)
  • If you still don't find the item, select Other <system name> where the system name represents the system you want this item to show in the report. So for example, if you want the electrical meter to be separate from the electrical service, add Other Electrical.  Then rename the item to be electrical meter
  • Select Add
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