Information about Item Status

Item Status Default

Item status is set to a default value based on two possible sets of information:

  1. the likelihood of an item being in a room in the type of house in the region of the country
  2. the data on the MLS listing indicating the presence of an item

So for example, furnaces are the most common heating type in a particular zip code and most commonly found in the basement. Without any detail from the MLS, a house in that zip code will show the existence of a furnace in the basement with a status of Satisfactory (or whatever the label is for your configuration).  If the MLS listing shows that there is no basement, the furnace will be present in a different room with a status of Satisfactory.  If the MLS listing shows that the heating type is radiant, a boiler will be present with the status of Satisfactory.  Items that are less commonly found may show a status of N/A indicating it isn't present, but could be. 

Item Status Based on Problems Reported

The item status (how operational is this item) will change based on the problems that are reported.  If a problem is added that has a problem significance of Safety Concern, the Item Status will be Safety Hazard. If only minor concerns or cosmetic issues are reported, the Item Status will remain Satisfactory.  

When there is an item status of N/A and there are no problems found, the Item Status can be toggled to be Satisfactory.  If problems are found, the Item Status will be dependent upon the problem significance as outlined above.



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