Multiple Inspectors working on the same inspection

If you want multiple inspectors to work on the same inspection, you will need to do the following:

  • Log both inspectors in on the Android or iOS device using the same user ID.
  • Ensure you have both opened up the dashboard when you have a network connection so you can both see the inspection on your device.
  • Try to avoid inspecting the same item in the same room.  That may create a conflict causing a synchronization issue when you connect to a network.

All your findings will be merged into a single report as soon as you are all connected.

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    Jym Littrell CPI / ACI Inspector

    Aw, I use two a lot that would be nice. Actually we are still doing this past weekend. One uses the app the other uses the web, it does present some problems though

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    Dianne Keast

    We always have 2 inspectors on sight , we would love this feature!

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