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The software auto-generates concerns stating that the appliance is nearing the end of its useful life. We used the NACHI standards for determining this length of useful life. If the useful life is 20 years and the percentage is 90, that appliance concern would be generated if the appliance is over 18 years old.

The current number of years considered to be a useful life of an appliance is as follows:

Air Conditioner - 11
Boiler - 40
Cook Top - 15
Dishwasher - 9
Dryer - 13
Furnace - 20
Garbage Disposal - 12
Heat pump - 13
Microwave Oven - 9
Oven/Range - 15
Refrigerator - 11
Standalone Freezer - 15
Swamp Cooler - 10
Trash Compactor - 6
Washer - 10
Water Heater - 9
Water softener - 20

To set the problem settings within the web:

1.  Navigate to Settings on the left hand side of the dialog

2.  Choose the down arrow  to the right of Problem Settings

3.  Fill in the values of the displayed settings.

4.  To close, choose the up arrow  to the right of the Problem Settings.


The system generates a concern when the lifespan (taking into account the lifespan adjustment setting) has been exceeded. If the setting is 100%, no adjustment is done.

If the current year is 2016.
If the furnace was built in 1996.
Therefore 2016 - 1996 = 20

As 20 years is not greater than the expected lifespan of 20 years, the expected lifespan has not yet been exceeded and no concern is created.




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