Edit property descriptions

On the android device:

1.  Open the property to be inspected.  Choose the Update Inspection button on the dashboard for the chosen property.


2.  Click on the pencil  under the word Description 

3.  The property information dialog is displayed.  

4.  Enter the information that pertains.

5.  Swipe to the left to go to the next field?  It's a super time saver.


On the web:

1.  Open the property to be inspected.  See 

2.  Click on the  in the header information of the property.

3.  The property information dialog is displayed.  

4. To make changes to JUST THE CURRENT INSPECTION, click appropriate radio buttons and fill in blank fields to convey relevant information. Click the gray circle with an X  to exit.

NOTE: When editing the description for the current property, only click radio buttons and enter information in blank fields. Clicking on either the pencil (edit) or trash can (delete) will make changes to the DEFAULT SETTINGS FOR ALL OPEN AND FUTURE INSPECTIONS.  For more information on these options, click here to see the Changing Default Property Information Settings article

5. When finished, click the gray circle with the white ‘X’ to close the window.


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