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    Jym Littrell CPI / ACI Inspector

    I would love not to use my laptop at all, finish the report right on site & go home & relax.
    One thing that stops me from doing that with every software I have used, is adding diagram or reference pictures to the report.
    So, I was wondering if you added two things that would totally keep me from going back to the web version.
    1. When I want to add a picture, it would be great if I could grab a picture from my device, now I can do that by switching to web version if I have wifi, which happens less than not, even when I bring the wifi. Reason for that is diagrams or I had to use a drone, or other camera during the inspection
    2. When I want to change a concern, not the entire concern but something inside of the concern. Again I can do this in web app on the device I am using, if I have wifi. Reason, well I do not think this warrants a major concern, so I want to down grade. Yes I can make a new concern, but that is a lot more work, especially out in the field.
    Both or at least the photo one, in my opinion could be added to the, not sure what that page is called. But, when I am in the app & select say Exterior: Ground View Siding I see all that good stuff Yes No N/A
    I see concerns there, so I select that concern & it takes me to the page with the pix on one side & options on the other. This page... To keep confusion down, say add jpeg, under add photo. I would keep it to a JPEG, because inspectors are crazy & if they think they can insert a file in there, such as a PDF, you will get all kinds of crazy stuff.

    Most apps I have used allow you to change some items for concerns in the field, none that I have tried allow me to add pictures, JPEGs. while in the field. I mean jpegs that are not directly taken from my camera. I cannot add file really I just use my camera.
    Just a thought, I know you are pretty busy at the moment, hopefully with one of my tickets :)

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