Attach documents

You can add or remove documents to your inspection reports for the buyer to view.  Your buyer will see the documents as links on their buyer dashboard.  You can only see the list of attached documents from the inspector dashboard.  

Any type of document can be attached include .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .jpg, etc,...  

On the web:

  • Open the inspection
  • Choose Attach Files from the overflow menu


  • Choose Attach New Document
  • Choose the file to be attached and hit the UPLOAD button


  • If the file doesn't show in the list, change the filter to All Files.  This is needed for image, zip or video files
  • The file will be displayed in the following dialog.  From here you can edit, upload updates, or delete.

The buyer sees the document on their dashboard and it looks like this mold report attached below.  The label is set by you when you upload it:


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