Make HomeHubZone report look like my current report

How Can I Make My HomeHubZone Report Look Like My Current Report?

We get asked this question a lot, and it can take many forms. If you’ve been in the business awhile you’ve probably spent a fair amount of time making sure that the report you give to your buyers meets a number of your most important criteria.

From font colors to labels, headings, and what goes in the summary, there are choices to be made to give the home buyer the information they need in an easily digestible format, keep the realtor happy, and to protect yourself from litigation.

Here are the top 8 things we get asked on a regular basis and where HomeHubZone stands on providing the functionality:

1. How do I highlight the significance of concerns in the summary?

Unless you are in a highly litigious state, you will most likely want to easily let the buyer know the severity of all of the concerns you’ve uncovered, especially if they are safety hazards or might cost the home buyer a lot of money.

For inspectors coming from other software packages, this question often takes the form of “How do I include colors in my summary page?” since colors are often used as a method of differentiating severity.

HomeHubZone recommends using our built-in functionality to group concerns by significance in the summary page to make it perfectly clear how significant concerns are, even to the color blind. There are currently three different options in Report summary page layout Settings to choose from when deciding how the concerns should be grouped and ordered.

If you are just a color kind of a person, no worries. We’ll be adding color options for the report shortly.

2. How do I get rid of the color red in my report?

HomeHubZone currently uses the color red in the body of the inspection report to add extra emphasis to safety hazards and major concerns. Some inspectors and industry advisors recommend avoiding the color red in your report all together. As mentioned above, we will be adding color options for the report later this year, so that you’ll be able to turn this highlighting off.

3. How do I limit what goes in the summary page?

One of the time-saving features that HomeHubZone provides, is autogenerating the summary page based on the concern significance. We don’t require you to make concern by concern decisions and take an extra step to make sure something is included in the summary. Instead we build out the summary automatically, grouped and ordered by what you specify in the Report summary page layout Settings.

While HomeHubZone will default to include concerns of every level in the summary, you can easily choose to hide selected concerns in the Report Summary Significance Grouping Settings, whether it be showing all but cosmetic and minor concerns, or hiding everything except safety hazards.

4. How do I use my own language for significance groupings, legends, etc.?

We realize that you’ve come up with a nomenclature for your reports over time that best represents how you want to communicate concerns to your homebuyer. That’s why HomeHubZone let’s you change the verbiage for many items.

What You Can Change Now:

  • The Report Legend Status Text
  • The Report Summary Significance Text

What’s Coming Soon:

We have been getting feedback that there’s more you’d like to customize. So, we will be adding the ability to also provide your own text for labels like “Disclaimers,” and problem significance labels.

5. How can I add the realtor’s information to my cover page, in addition to the property info and my own details?

Your HomeHubZone report cover page includes your property photo and details; and your logo and details. We have scheduled an enhancement to also include the realtor’s information on the cover page, for those who want to help their brokers advertise, as well as to meet Texas requirements.

6. Can I use my favorite fonts?

Oh snap, not at this time. We do see this as important for you, though, and have the change slotted for an upcoming release.

7. How can I control the page breaks in the report?

HomeHubZone recommends posting your html report for your buyers, realtors, and lawyers to access. In addition to not having to worry about page breaks, we also see several advantages to posting vs. emailing a pdf:

1. You don’t have worry about a large pdf being refused by a recipient’s ISP.

2. An html report can be easier to read on a mobile device.

3. Add large photo files and inline video to your heart’s content, without worrying about file size.

4. The report will always be available with the link versus pdf files that can get lost on someone’s machine.

For those who do want to save off a pdf and have more control over white space, we are currently looking at options to provide more control at creation.

8. How do I create a report in a narrative style?

We have been hearing from some of you that you’d prefer to forego many of the automatic subheadings and produce a report that has a more narrative style. We’ve heard you and have this enhancement on our to do list!

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