New Features You Will Love!

25 New HomeHubZone Features You Will Love!

We’ve been quietly and continuously improving your HomeHubZone experience. You may have noticed some of these features when you were doing a recent inspection. Others, you may have yet to discover.

So, we are listing them all here. Grab a drink and a snack and read about all the new goodies in your software!

Photos - More Control Over Integrating and Labelling Images

  • Add captions to your concern photos from both the Android and Web apps.
  • Rotate pictures in both Android and Web apps.
  • Add a photo to an existing concern from your Android’s gallery.
  • Upload the property photo from the Android’s gallery.
  • Number your photos and choose the corner in which the number should be displayed in the report settings.

Report Settings - Customizations You Asked For!

  • Number the concerns on the summary page.
  • Change the label of Concerns, Disclaimers, and Descriptions in the detail section to be anything you want in your report.
  • Optionally include Realtor information on your cover pages.
  • Use the new Condition Summary freeform narrative field to give your impressions of the property, in addition to the more formal Executive Summary.
  • Exclude Suggested Action text when including concerns in reports, a requirement in some states.
  • Exclude an Executive Summary from your inspection reports.
  • Include your signature on your inspection reports, a requirement in some states.
  • Pick our new TREC compliant report format that adheres to Texas standards. Thanks to all who provided feedback!
  • Include a header on your downloaded PDF inspection reports, in addition to the footer.
  • Check out other new options for what to include in the downloaded PDF header and footer.

During Your Inspection - Enhancements to Make Your Inspection Faster, Easier and How You Want It!

  • Walk through the concerns you found with the buyer after the inspection using the new Android app Inspection Review feature with pictures. Easily navigate to this view by clicking on the Overflow Menu >>Inspection Review. You can swipe through all the concerns that you found, ordered by system, then by item.
  • Search for items across rooms. While in a room, just click the Overflow Menu>>Find Item and start typing the name of the item.
  • Not Inspected is now the default text for an item that has not been inspected/tested (was “Not Tested”), both in the user interface on and the report. You can change the label on the report for this text to anything you want in the settings.
  • Include hyperlinks on concerns in the new Hyperlink field. Great for pointing to YouTube videos, diagrams, explanations, or other helpful information.
  • Check out all the new data in HomeHubZone, like adding pool systems and items by adding the room “Pool Area.”

After Your Inspection -- More Options for Sharing and Maintaining Your Reports


  • Attach additional PDFs and Word documents to your in progress and posted inspection reports for things like maintenance tips, mold and radon reports, etc. Note that this feature is currently only available in the Web app.
  • Enter buyer and realtor information and post the report from the Android app. Yes, this means you can post onsite, if you have a connection!


    • Did we mention, you can now optionally send the completed report to the Realtor?


  • Edit the date on any inspection, not just upcoming inspections.


  • We made it easier for your buyer to access their posted report by eliminating the need for them to confirm their email address and simplifying their password requirements.
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