Report Posting Required (as of 4/12/16)

As you probably know, HomeHubZone allows you to post up your inspection as a multimedia web page for your buyers and realtors to view, as well as distribute to your customers as a PDF. Because of ISN integration and personal preferences, we have been seeing many inspectors choosing the PDF option, but without posting the report first.

Posting the inspection is a very important step, since this is what freezes the inspection data in time, as well as clears the report from your mobile device. That’s why starting tonight, PDFs downloaded before being posted will have a PREVIEW watermark included on every page. Posting the inspection will remove the watermark from the downloaded PDFs.

Posting your inspection is a simple step from the HomeHubZone dashboard. And, you don’t have to send the report to the buyer this way. If you’d rather send as a PDF, you can simply uncheck the option to automatically send an email to the buyer notifying them of the posted report.

Benefits of Posting Your Report

In addition to freezing the report data and clearing the inspection from your tablet, posting the file for your customers has other benefits over emailing a PDF:

  • No worries about emailing a large file and having the message either not show up or go directly to SPAM.
  • A hyperlinked report is a great interactive experience with better navigation.
  • No more ill-placed page breaks. They’re not necessary on a posted inspection web page.
  • Buyers can click on pictures on the page to expand their view.
  • Videos appear and play inside the report.

ISN Integration

If you’ve been holding off on posting reports for your homebuyers due to ISN integration requiring a PDF, we’ve got good news! We’re working on letting you post the HTML link to ISN with a simple action. This should be available in the near future. In the meantime, please post your inspection before distributing your PDF via ISN.


Please reach out with any questions you have about posting, PDFs, and ISN integration. We are here to help!

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    I don’t fully understand what ISN is or when it is required.

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    Customer Support

    ISN is a system that some inspectors use to schedule their inspections and deliver their inspection reports. You don't have to use it.

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