Posting to ISN

How to post HTML report through ISN

  1. Go to settings>>ISN settings
  2. Enable integration and set your keys - refer to

3. Enable “Post report links to ISN” by selecting the box.

4. Adjust your email templates ensuring you have the tag %reportlink% and adjusting the copy with any different instructions you want to provide. If you want the email to be sent automatically to your buyer and realtor from ISN, you will need to ensure you have email events set up that trigger from the posting of the inspection.

5. When you post through HomeHubZone,

  • The link will be posted to ISN
  • The inspection will be marked as complete
  • Any email events you have setup in ISN will trigger per your configuration

Important NOTES:  

  • If you make any changes, you can re-post but the email event will NOT trigger from ISN.  You will have to manually push an email out to your buyer or realtor
  • If you want to skip the ISN landing page to reduce the clicks for your agent and client, change the report delivery options to "Direct Delivery".  For instructions refer to the instructions in ISN 
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    Matthew Engler

    Was just in my ISN setting/ working with other Applications. I click on on HomeHubZone and a popup window appeared with informative details:
    "Create better inspection reports faster than ever before!
    HomeHubZone will automatically pull your open orders from ISN, then create a Smart Template™ for your property, including all information in the MLS listing. Setup is easy!
    Read the Instructions here

    Then theres a button to click for more information... that link is dead and takes you to

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