April and May New Features

April and May New Feature Roundup

Just because we haven’t been posting a lot lately, doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work. Quite the contrary. Our developers have been heads down adding new features and making the existing ones work as advertised.

Posting an HTML Link Through ISN - This is probably the most requested feature of the last few sprints (short-cycle releases). Starting this week, you can have HomeHubZone automatically provide ISN the link to your posted inspection report, and trigger an email to the buyer. Check out our ISN Update post find out more.

New Reporting Enhancements - We’ve been listening to your requests on what you want to include in your reports and what new settings you want to control the contents and formatting of your reports. These new enhancements lead the way for more new settings and options coming soon:

Name Report Sections as You Wish

HomeHubZone now includes Report Label Settings where you can rename each section to match your nomenclature. (include screenshot of Report Label Settings)

Number Your Concerns/Defects for Easy Reference

This super easy setting lets you pick where you want your concerns/defects numbered -- In the Summary, in the Details, Both, or not at all.

ShowAdd the Dollar Amounts to Repair Costs

You can now choose how Repair Costs appear with concerns/defects. While the option to just show the number of $ signs is still an option, now you can also have the $ amount range display in the report.

Easily Customize Your Descriptions

Not only are the new Description screens easier to use and more intuitive, but they also include more options. Add your own new descriptions and values, and set the most common values as defaults. You can also delete those descriptions and values you don’t use.

Continuing to Improve the Buyer and Realtor Experience - We understand that it’s just as important for your buyers and realtors to have a good experience with HomeHubZone as you, the inspector. That’s why we’ve included some extra goodies for them too!

  • Realtors’ Dashboards now include all the reports that have been shared/posted for them in one place.
  • We’ve revamped our code to make it easier for buyers to access and review their report, by sidestepping system pop-up blockers.
  • To guarantee that buyers and realtors are seeing the “official,” final version of their inspection reports, we are now watermarking PDFs that are created from an unposted report. One look and they’ll know you sent them a draft versus the version you are “freezing” for the official record.
  • We are streamlining inspection report email communications, so that any replies from distribution emails go directly to you, speeding your response time.

More Data. More Data. - No HomeHubZone release is complete without adding just a bit more default data to improve your experience. New in this release is:

  • A New Room: Outdoor Entertainment Area
  • Small Updates: Can you spot them?
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