Changing item status values

The item status is based on the accumulation of the concerns reported on that item.  The item status values and how they appear on the report and in the Apps can be configured and/or disabled.

Configure Item Status

To configure the Item Status, go to Settings / Item Status.

You can change the following:

  • Icon: The icon that will display on the report and all the Apps.  You can pick among a list of icons and a list of available colors
  • Report Legend Label:  The label that is displayed on the report as well as when you hover over an icon on the Web App and when you are looking at the Item Detail page on the Android and iOS apps
  • Report Legend Label Color: The color for the label on the legend on the report 
  • Report Legend Description: The description that shows on the legend in the report

Disabling Item Status

To remove an item status from the report, you need to ensure that no concern significances are mapped to that item status.  The item status will automatically be removed from the report.  Refer to Changing Concern Significance Values

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