Adding a new user

If you are a multi-inspector company, you will want to add a new user for your inspectors.  By doing so, they will share in your library of concerns, disclaimers, descriptions and settings.  When you add the new user, the following will happen:

  • When they are on an inspection, they will use your library of:
    • concerns
    • disclaimers
    • descriptions (e.g. water heater type)
    • description values (e.g. tankless)
    • most settings.  For information on what settings are owned by the inspector vs. the company see "What settings can individual users change"

IMPORTANT: When adding a new user, the email used for the new account should never have been used in creating a HomeHubZone account in the past. This will ensure the elements of the report (disclaimers, descriptions, etc) are shared correctly when the new user is added to the team.

To add a new user:

  • Select Manage Users from the left hand navigation

  • Select Add New User from the left hand navigation

  • Enter the user's name and email address

  • Select Administrator if this user has rights to add new users
  • Select OK to save, Cancel to quit without saving
  • The new user will get an email to confirm their account.  Their name will NOT appear on the list of users until they confirm their account.

Have the new user do the following:

  • Open the email and click the link on the email to confirm their account
  • Choose their default disclaimers by creating a mock inspection, selecting the disclaimers that should be defaulted and choosing the toggle to always select this disclaimer by default.
  • Upload the logo in Settings/Report Style Sertings
  • Add their phone number and any other details from My Account
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