Add an existing user to my company

You can add existing users to your company so that they will share in your library of concerns, disclaimers, descriptions and settings.  When you do that, the following will happen:

  • All posted inspections will retain any custom concerns or edits made
  • For all of their future inspections, they will use your library of:
    • concerns
    • disclaimers
    • descriptions (e.g. water heater type)
    • description values (e.g. tankless)
    • most settings.  For information on what settings are owned by the inspector vs. the company see "What settings can individual users change"

In order to add an existing user to a company, following the steps outlined in the article "Adding a new user".

The user will receive an email to verify their invitation.  When they click on the link in the email, their library will become yours, any custom concerns, disclaimers or descriptions will be eliminated (except on posted inspections) and their company settings will reflect your settings.

Don't forget to have them re-set their default disclaimers (covered in the last step of adding a new user)

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