Change Default Property Information Settings

This article covers changing default settings in Property Information. For instructions on setting just the descriptions for a specific inspection, click here to see the Steps for editing the description of a property article.

  1. On the WEB, open the property to be inspected.
  2. Click on the   in the header information of the property.
  3. The screen below is displayed:


4. To ADD a description category not already available, scroll down to the bottom of the window and click on ‘’Add New Description’ button. The following screen is displayed: 

Enter a name. Select what type of field the new description will be (Text, Number, Yes/No, List). Indicate whether multiple values are allowed. If List type is chosen, then enter List Values to choose from. Indicate a default value if you wish to do so.

Sample New Description List with no default value:


 Sample New Description Yes/No field with default.


 5. To EDIT a description category, click on the pencil icon for that category. You will see a window similar to the Add Description. Make changes to the fields as desired.


  1. To DELETE a description category, click on the trash can icon for that category. You will see this warning:

7. When finished with all changes, click on the gray circle with white X to return back to your inspection.


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