Adding and editing description definitions

You can add new or edit existing descriptions that you want to collect about a property or the components.  You can only do this in the Web App (

Descriptions can be one of the following:

  • Text: to enter free form text fields
  • List: to select from a standard list of values
  • Number: to enter a number
  • Yes/No: for options that can only be yes or no.

Note:  Yes/No fields will only show on the report if the value is Yes

To Add a new description:

  1. Visit the description dialog by selecting the  next to the property or the  next to an item
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select Add New Description
  3. Complete the fields                                                       
  4. If the field is a list, select Add New to add values to the list   
  5. To establish a default value for all new inspections created after the default value was set, enter or choose the default value.

To edit a description:

Select the pencil next to the description value and change the value per the instructions above.

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