Set Concern Location

Concern location is used to specify more detail about where a concern was found.  It is useful for concerns on large areas such as the siding of the home.  The concern location is used to indicate which side of the home the concern was found.  The items where this is useful are:





Balcony, Deck or Porch


Interior Door (for a closet door)


To set the concern location, follow these instructions

On the Web

You can only set the concern location for a concern that already exists

  1. Add a concern - see Add a Concern
  2. Display the concern list for that item by selecting the photo gallery icon to the right of the concern description                             Screen_Shot_2018-03-06_at_8.19.20_AM.png
  3. Choose Set Concern Location                    Screen_Shot_2018-03-06_at_8.20.56_AM.png
  4. Add a location in the box that indicates "Specify the location of the concern" Screen_Shot_2018-03-06_at_8.22.05_AM.png
  5. Select OK to save the location

On the Mobile Device

On the mobile device you can set the location when you are adding a concern or you can edit it later.  To set the location while adding a concern, first follow the instructions for adding a concern 

When you are at the step where you are choosing the concern which should look like this:IMG-1482.JPG:

  1. Select Set Location
  2. Enter a location
  3. Select Add

To set the location when editing a concern

  1. Go to the item detail page (where the four orange boxes are displayed) IMG-1483.JPG
  2. Select the concern by touching the photo or grey photo icon.  This will display the concern detail page                                                                     IMG-1484.JPG
  3. Select Edit Location
  4. Add a location in the space that indicates "Specify the location of the concern" IMG-1485.JPG
  5. Select OK
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